by Goodnight Brother

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This is a Valentine's Day gift for Alyssa Mazzeo.


released February 14, 2014

Dante DeFelice- Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Leslie Organ, and Shakers.

Lee Falco- Drum Kit

Sarah Berman- "Anatomical Heart" illustration for "I Love Lucy"



all rights reserved


Goodnight Brother Marlboro, New York

Goodnight Brother is the moniker of singer-songwriter Dante DeFelice. Hailing from New York's verdant Hudson Valley, Goodnight Brother is an ever-changing showcase of hometown heroes, percussionist Lee Falco and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Barki as permanent fixtures in the band. Their sound is created and captured through the intimacy of their home recordings and the inclusion of various talents. ... more

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Track Name: The Hand Holding Mine
This song is for the hand that is holding mine
I've made up my mind
I'll drive my Ford to where I need to be
to watch you fall asleep
to wake you up to ask about your dreams
to fall back into slumber
and get tangled beneath your down comforter

Lets hear it for this romantic commercial holiday
I'm not capable of expressing my love
through a Hallmark card
and I can't afford no karats of gold
or diamonds to put in your ears

Heart cut from cardboard would you be my Valentine
Cupids got his bow and drawing back an arrow of mine
aiming straight for my lovers heart
I hope he gets a bulls-eye
and I love you with roses of red and violets of blue.

You should write a song
about the night where we laid around
and watched the stars
imagining their projection upon the ceiling
and felt the warmth of a mid June breeze
in early February

Let the string if lights glow pink all night in the room
falling in and out of sleep
restoring every ounce of energy
incredibly comfortably
we've become in our skin and bones and clothes.
Track Name: I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy

I will sing 1,000 times louder than any man
With no help from a microphone
Somehow you'll always know
That it's my voice that is cutting through
Singing this melody just for you
And all the competition washes away
We'll lay in a grassy green meadow where the bugs don't go
And the water runs calmly in the Hudson's creek
That's where we swim when there is sun
And there is sun 'cause we're in love.
We will wear 10,000 smiles upon our face
While these black sunglasses block the UV rays and we'll drive along singing oldies songs

I ain't got no one but you
So be mine and keep the sky blue
And say goodbye to the rainy day
I hope you feel the same way

I will run 1,000 times farther than any man
Just to put a flower in your hand
And stand inside your door
You'll say what in creation took you so long
You must be freezing with no coat on
Well that's why I left my parka with you
I knew it would get cold soon
Everything looks like an episode of I Love Lucy in this white washed snow.
Darling I could be your Ricky Riccardo
And come back at the end of every day to say
Honey I'm home and I'm here for good
While you wrap your arms around my neck
The blood orange Sun sets

I ain't got no one but you
So be min and keep the sky blue
And say goodbye to the rainy day
I'm hoping you feel the same way
Track Name: Amber
Burn the calendar
Its been another year
Of living by your side
Would you be my Valentine?
Cause I know you’d say no if I didn’t ask

And forever my heart will burn
When I see a photograph
Taken from a booth
Cause it reminds me of you and I
Sitting through four frames

And these memories I’ll never shake
Unless my brain gets washed away
But forever they’ll remain
Inside this song I made
For you and I
On Valentine's Day

Smiles in surround sound
New York train Poughkeepsie bound
Amber hangs from your neck
Hudson river reflects
The sunshine in stereo
Somehow you’ll always know