I Am Ready For Nothing {EP}

by Goodnight Brother

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"I Am Ready For Nothing" is a six track EP by Goodnight Brother. This Lo-Fi EP was recorded in the Bedroom, Basement, and Garage of Dante DeFelice's Parents' house in Marlboro, N.Y. during August of 2011. With the sounds of six Music Boxes, Simplistic Banjo lines, Fuzz Bass, Pots, Pans, Glass Percussion, Analog Delay/Tremolo Pedals, Wildlife Samples, and an Acoustic Guitar it is no challenge to hear the hospitable sound that was captured. This instrumental work provides the perfect backdrop to DeFelice's inward, informal, and intimate writing style.


released August 8, 2012

All songs were Written and Recorded by Dante DeFelice.
All songs were mixed by Jesse C. Barki.



all rights reserved


Goodnight Brother Marlboro, New York

Goodnight Brother is the moniker of singer-songwriter Dante DeFelice. Hailing from New York's verdant Hudson Valley, Goodnight Brother is an ever-changing showcase of hometown heroes, percussionist Lee Falco and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Barki as permanent fixtures in the band. Their sound is created and captured through the intimacy of their home recordings and the inclusion of various talents. ... more

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Track Name: I Will Be Fine
It's too cold in my room, no blanket could warm my heart for you. There's a war beyond my doors and I'm scared to sing more, cause the candle that I lit claimed that I was an illiterate. Communication never failed as bad as it did when I was over obsessive. Well I've changed. Saw the stop sign, inched up to the white line, looked both ways and drove on down the road. Now I'm down your road. Mornings never felt as radiant as this. You are one thing that I miss out of six. Well it, it took me some time but my body has died. I have an old shell but new insides //Whoever thought I would end up like this, I was such a happy kid. Well I'm not crying, I just have dust in my eye. And I will be fine, this happens all of the time... when I think about you, and all the things you didn't do// A fellowship of friends has risen and set when the Summer ended so did you. We must learn to forget the past and cover up our tracks so we can never turn around and go back. I'm just road kill on your street, run your tires over me, try to break something other than my heart. I hung curtains up this week now I'm hiding behind them, ready or not seek for me your old friend let's not pretend, not this time //Whoever thought I would end up like this, I was such a happy kid. I'm not crying, I just have dust in my eyes, this happens all of the time. Who would have thought I would end up like this. I swear I was oblivious. I'm not crying, I just have dust in my eyes. I will be fine, this happens all of the time...